Eunice Girls' School

About Eunice

Founding Ideals

“That our daughters may be like cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace”

Psalm 144:12


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To be a first rate, world-class high school which proudly affirms its longstanding standards, values and tradition, and which is committed to academic excellence, quality teaching, global responsibility, social responsibility and multiple opportunities for all-round development.


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In pursuit of its vision, Eunice will strive to produce outstanding school leavers who are innovative, analytical, articulate, balanced and adaptable with the life-long love of learning.

Core Values

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Honesty that characterises our conversations.

Responsibility that guides our actions.

Appreciation that strengthens our ties.

Consideration that fosters new friendships.

Accountability that intuitively encourage learners to learn new skills and habits that will serve them throughout their lives.


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> Joy
> Style
> Service
> Respect
> Diversity
> Femininity
> Innovation
> Questioning
> Excellence
> Expectation
> Opportunity
> Individuality
> Camaraderie

Eunice In A Nutshell

An Introduction to Eunice Grounds

The school is a modern complex which is enriched by warm quadrangles and a noticeable air of tradition. The Adéle de Jager Assembly Hall and its foyer do justice to a school with a long and proud heritage.

The centrally located media centre, well equipped Life Centre, Digital centres, Theatre, Laboratories and Art Centre make Eunice a balanced learning establishment.

The school and Eunice House are part of a 19ha estate which is continually being developed. Besides the superbly laid out playing fields, learners can make full use of the swimming pool and the modern tennis, hockey, squash and netball facilities.  Eunice House is the most modern learners’ boarding establishment in the Free State. It includes a fully equipped kitchen, a bright and spacious dining room and a separate well-lit prep room. The boarders share double rooms under the direct supervision of matric RCLs, student charge mistresses, house mothers and Eunice House Senior Mother– Mrs J Jacobsz.

By its nature, Bloemfontein provides many services and amenities normally associated with a large centre, without the disadvantages of a big city.

The proximity of the University, the CUT, the Sand du Plessis theatre complex, the Education Department, the Free State Stadium, and the Universitas, and Medi-Clinic Hospitals enable the school to make a wide range of opportunities and expertise available to students and staff.

Key facts to know

More Interesting Facts

Our History

Chronological Historical Highlights


Founded by the Dutch Reformed Church


  • The move to our spacious 19ha estate alongside Grey College.
  • Mr Paul Cassar took up office as the school’s first “Gentleman Headmistress”.


  • The Eunice community chose multi-racial schooling in a 94% model B vote.
  • Eunice hosted the first of Eunice’s major community musicals and the Eunice Sound of Music played to 14 000 people in the Sand du Plessis Theatre.
  • A cast of 380 played Evita to 13 000 people in the Sand du Plessis Theatre.

20th Century

  • 10 Top School Awards
  • Opened South block, Eunice Theatre and Astro Field
  • Won the National Science and Technology Forum Top Award for Maths and Science
  • In December 2012 eleven Eunice old learners qualifies as medical doctors
  • Became South Africa’s first Microsoft Pathfinder School.
  • Eunice Choir won 10 Awards in Europe and was awarded the Grand Prix Prize for the best choir in Bratislava.
  • Opened state of the art Digital Centre, new Library and two IT centres.


  • Mrs Zinnette de Wet was appointed as the 4th Principal of the School since 1942.
  • Top Achievement in the Region in 10 subjects.
  • Awarded the Free State Department of Education Top Mathematics and Physical science trophy for the 12th time in 16 years. (No other school has won it twice.)
  • 3rd consecutive inclusion in the Fair Lady Top 25 SA Public Schools list.


  • 2nd inclusion in the Business Tech list of ‘Best value for money’ schools
  • Awarded the Free State Department of Education top Mathematics and Physical Science trophy for the 13th time in 17 years
    (No other school has won it twice)
  • Obtained the highest Bachelor's pass in the district
  • Awarded the most consistent 100% pass rate school in Bloemfontein
  • Received the Department of Education Golden Award for achieving a 100 % pass rate for 31 consecutive years


  • Semi-finalist in the National Nickelodeon Genius Maths and Science Competition
  • Only High School in the Free State in the National Top 20
  • 8 subjects with top achievement in the Free State
  • 11 Top achieving subjects in the district
  • 72 Provincial and National Sport achievers


  • Golden Award for exceptional academic achievement
  • Top Maths and Science School in the Motheo District (for 13 out of 18 years)
  • 106 Provincial and National Sport Achievers
  • 57 International Achievers
    • Vitae Cantamus Senior Choir: Gold and Silver Medal at World Choir Games


  • Golden Award for exceptional academic achievement
  • Top Accounting and Physical Science School in the Free State
  • 166 swimmers and 5 staff members swimming the Midmar Mile (most swimmers from a school for the 23rd consecutive year).
  • Top 50 Circle of Excellence School status from the Allan Gray Orbis foundation for the 17th consecutive year
  • 17 teachers received awards as Top 3 educators in the Motheo District after the Gr 12 2018 Matric Results
  • Free State Top School award


  • Golden Award for exceptional academic achievement
  • Top 50 Circle of Excellence School status from the Allan Gray Orbis foundation for the 18th consecutive year
  • Epoch and Optima Maths Challenge School


  • Golden Award for exceptional academic achievement
  • Epoch and Optima Maths Challenge School
    • Winner of the Provincial ATKV Tienertoneel
  • 13 alumni (class of 2016) will qualify as medical doctors.
  • 100 % pass for the 36th year in a row


  • Golden Award for exceptional academic achievement
  • 147th Birthday Celebration
  • Top 50 Circle of Excellence School status from the Allan Gray Orbis foundation for the 19th consecutive year
  • Epoch and Optima Maths Challenge School
  • Winner of the National ATKV Applous Choir Competition
  • Top 2 u/18 Hockey team in South Africa
  • 22nd Eunice Christmas Market Community Project
  • 2 semi-finalists in the Matriculant of the year competition
  • 112 national achievements
  • 6 international achievements

"Vincit Qui Se Vincit"
"She Conquers, Who conquers Herself"

Eunice School Song

Verse 1
Though all around has changed since her cornerstone was laid
The spirit of Eunice has never been dismayed
The future will not fright her, she fears nor change nor strife
for she dwells beside the waters of wisdom and of life

Eunice, Eunice, no other school so dear
Oh may she grow and prosper from year – to changing year

Verse 2
For with her honour trusted her children will go forth,
to meet life’s grand adventure east, west and south and north
And With the torch she gave them they light the darkest way
while the love that knits them to her grows deeper day by day.

Verse 3 (Traditionally not sung)
And we her children love her, alike the big and small;
Her name and fame and honour are dear to one and all;
And love of her unites us and makes a mighty bond,
To bind the past and present and the fateful years beyond

Verse 4 (Traditionally not sung)
She bids us pull together, she bids us give and take,
And selfish aims forego when the common weal’s at stake
In playtime and in work time, in class and on the field,
She bids us … fight the battle, she warns us …not to yield.

Verse 5 (Traditionally not sung)
And day by day she trains us, our body, mind and soul.
In fortitude and freedom, in pluck and self-control.
And when at last we leave her, ‘twill soften our regret
To feel she will not alter, and we shall not forget.


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