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Academic Enrichment

Eunice is proud of its long-standing tradition of outstanding results in the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate examinations. The consistency and quality of these results reaffirms the triangular partnership of commitment between learners, staff and parents.

Eunice is in a class of its own in terms of quality teaching and learning. Twelve successive Eunice Matric classes have earned the Top School Award. For the 35th consecutive year, Eunice has achieved 100% Matric pass rate with 2020 seeing 97% of the 159 matriculants achieving a Bachelor’s pass with 349 subject distinctions.

Eunice is committed to providing the best educational environment and our priority is to ensure that all pupils develop skills that will position them to thrive in the post-school learning, and working environment.

Subjects & Pass requirements

Eunice High School encourages learners to value learning and to understand that learning is a lifelong process.

This Wellness policy statement (Occupational dimension) is manifested throughout the school using the following Academic strategies and practices:

The Senior GET phase is the third and last phase of the General Education and Training Band of the National Qualifications Authority structure and represents the first two years of high school.  The primary purpose of this Band is to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values that will enable meaningful participation in society as well as continuing learning in further education and training. 

To this end, Eunice provides learning programmes that encourage learners to:

General Education and Training: 
Grade 8 and 9 (GET) subjects offered:

Learning Area Subject
Language English Home Language
Afrikaans First Additional Language
Mathematics Mathematics
Natural Sciences Natural Sciences (Grade 8)
Life Sciences (Grade 9)
Physical Sciences (Grade 9)
Social Sciences Social Sciences
Creative Arts Creative Arts
Economic and Management Sciences EMS
Technology Digital Technology (Grade 8)
Digital Technology (Grade 9)
Life Orientation Life Orientation 1 and 2

The staff are fully up-to-date with curriculum developments and the high standard of teaching in the traditionally important subjects such as Mathematics, Accounting and Physical Sciences will ensure those learners who wish to take these as elective (choice) subjects in Grade 10, will be able to do so with sound content knowledge.

The end of term report reflects progress in each subject.  The report includes the class averages and the learners’ position in the grade.

Further Education and Training:
Grade 10 - 12 (FET) subjects offered:

a) Languages

1. English Home Language – Compulsory, no requirements

2. Afrikaans First Additional Language – Compulsory, no requirements

B) Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Computer Application Technology

1. Physical Sciences – 50% in Natural Sciences at the end of Grade 9 is recommended. (Mathematics is compulsory)

2. Life Sciences – 50% in Natural Sciences at the end of Grade 9 is recommended.

3. Mathematics – 50% in Mathematics at the end of Grade 9 is recommended.

4. Mathematical Literacy – No requirement, open to all learners.

5. Computer Application Technology (CAT) No requirements – open to all learners pending class size. Achievement in Computer Literacy (Grade 9) will serve as an acceptance requirement, should the number of learners choosing the subject be larger than available computer stations. Eunice has two Digital Computer Centres and very competent staff for the presentation of CAT.

c) Humanities & Social Sciences

1. Life Orientation – Compulsory

2. Visual Arts

3. Dramatic Arts

4. History

5. Consumer Studies

d)Business and Management Sciences

1. Accounting – 50% in the Accounting part of EMS at the end of Grade 9 is recommended.
Mathematics is highly recommended.

2. Business Studies – no requirements – open to all learners

Pass requirements

Minimum Pass Requirements (Grade 8 - 9)

1. Home Language (English): Level 4 (50%)

2. First Additional Language (Afrikaans): Level (40%)

3. Mathematics: Level 3 (40%)

4. Any 3 other subjects: Level 3 (40%)

5. Any 2 other subjects: Level 2 (30%)

Minimum Pass Requirements (Grade 10 – 12)

1. Home Language: Level 3 (40%)

2. Any 2 other subjects: Level 3 (40%) Excluding Home Language

3. Any 3 other subjects: Level 2 (30%) provided that the SBA (School Based Assessment) component is submitted in the subject failed.

Note: The 7th subject may be failed, provided the SBA component is submitted in the subject failed.

Bachelor Pass Requirements (Grade 10 – 12)

Grade 10 – 12 learners need to meet the following requirements to achieve a Bachelor’s Pass (University entrance) at the end of matric:

1. A minimum of 50% for 4 subjects; Excluding Life Orientation;

2. A minimum of 30% for the other 3 subjects.

Additional stipulations:

3. A minimum of 40% for English Home Language;

4. A minimum of 30% for Afrikaans First Additional Language;

5. No subject failure.

Subject choices for the FET phase

• Grades 10, 11 and 12 have an academic focus and a range of elective subjects is offered.

• Learners enter for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination at the start of
Grade 12.

English is offered at a Home Language level and Afrikaans at First Additional Language level. These two subjects, together with Life Orientation and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy are compulsory subjects in the FET phase. Learners must then choose one subject only from each of the following four groups.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4

Mathematical Literacy
Physical Sciences

Dramatic Arts

CAT (Computer Applications Technology)

Life Sciences

Business Studies
Life Sciences

Consumer Studies


Business Studies

Physical Sciences

Life Sciences

Consumer Studies


Visual Art


Eunice expects learners to obtain 50% or more in all subjects. This expectation is based on specific admission requirements applicable to all South African universities that are stipulated by the National Department of Education. These requirements stipulate a minimum of 50% in four subjects.


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