Eunice Girls' School

Representative Council of Learners

26 Senior and 15 Junior RCL members pledge to do their best to uphold the high ideals of leadership at Eunice. They pledge to abide by all the school rules and accept authority, be an example to her fellow learners through her words, deeds, and behaviour and to treat her fellow learners with respect, understanding, patience and dignity.

Members execute their duties to the best of their ability with responsibility and put service before self.

They uphold the name, honour and traditions of Eunice High School.

Eunice High School RCL 2023

Front: Temavé Mhlanga, Taheera Augousti, Daniella Hugo, Mrs Jackie Botma (RCL Coordinator), Reikantse Manaka (Vice Head Girl), Monique Groenewald (Head Girl), Elke du Plessis (Boarder Head Girl), Boitumelo Masimong (Boarder Vice Head Girl), Nozithelo Dubihlela, Carla Viljoen, Dulcé Lopez Del Rey and Lwazi Besani.

Middle: Rethabile Mothibedi, Onalenna Leeuw, Ashley Brown, Irene Struwig, Mrs Zinnette de Wet (Headmistress), Lethabo Mkhize, Gomolemo Mogaecho and Aylawanga Klaas.

Back: Mphephe Ntšekhe, Maulize van der Linde, Cara Stevens, Alina Sekeleoane, Mapitso Khabele, Annemé Kruger, Tori Graham, Carli de Jager, Heike-Louise Hechter and Carmen du Plessis.

“Great leaders don’t tell you what to do. They show you how it’s done.”


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